Week 9- Skype

ICTs can transform the way we can communicate and connect with others.

Skype can be a great ICT tool that can enable us to connect with others all over the world.

There are many opportunities available where students can connect with others using Skype in the classroom. Students can use Skype to talk to a real live scientist. Ask a scientist is a great site which enables students to ask questions to scientists and explore questions and answers from others.

Mystery Skype is a guessing game that connects students in the classroom around the world using Skype. Watch this video to find out more.



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Week 9- Digital Photography

How can Digital Photography be used to enhance students learning in the classroom?

How many words can a photograph say?

Digital cameras are great ICT tools that can be used to provide children with the opportunity to share their perspective on the world. Enabling students to photograph their work, upload and share the file, can enhance the students’ understanding of pictures as a means of communication. Digital cameras are great ICT tools that can be used in the classroom to enhance students learning.

Bad Maths Pool is collection of photos that show examples of things that don’t add up.

In this weeks learning journey for EDC3100 we were provided with the links to the sites Digital Photography and Using Digital Cameras In the Classroom that provide some ideas on using digital photography in the classroom.

This is another site Using digital cameras and scanners that shares some ideas for using digital cameras in the early years.

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Week 8- ICT based learning experiences

How can we engage and excite the students about what they are learning?

This video called ‘Possum Magic’ is an example of ICTs being integrated into a classroom at Pallara State School in Queensland. The students use 24 hour surveillance cameras to monitor possum activity. The students are learning about Science, Biology and Maths in an engaging way through hands on learning.

This site has some great learning experiences for teaching Prep students geography.

Some learning experience ideas:

-Students can create a model of a place similar to the local area of the class using different materials.

-Students can look at their model from a different view and observe the differences to identify the significance of location.

-Students can draw a pictorial map version of their model using Kid Pix on the computer.

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Week 8- TPACK

Have you got your TPACK?

What is TPACK and why use this approach?
The acronym TPACK stands for Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge. The TPACK model represents the different types of knowledge that are thought to be of value. The idea of this approach is that teachers should use these different types of knowledge together to be effective in their teaching. This webpage provides information on TPACK.  The following diagram from flicker represents the different types of knowledge and shows how they can be integrated.

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Week 8- ICT integration success

In this weeks learning journey for EDC3100 the question was asked:
How will you measure the success of ICT integration into your teaching?
If the use of the ICTs in my teaching were successful they would enhance the students learning. The ICTs would be vital to the learning experience and students would be engaged and exited while learning.

Aditi Rao is an American technology resource specialist. He created this list that is from his blog to show what he believes is the difference between using technology and technology integration.

Using technology Technology Integration
Technology usage is random, arbitrary and often an afterthought Technology usage is planned and purposeful
Technology is rare or sporadically used in the classroom Technology is a routine part of the classroom environment.
Technology is used purely for the sake of using technology Technology is used to support curricular goals & learning objectives
Technology is used to instruct students on content Technology is used to engage students with content
Technology is mostly being used by the instructor(s) Technology is mostly being used by the student(s)
Focus on simply using technologies. Focus on using technologies to create and develop new thinking processes
More instructional time is spent learning how to use the technology More instructional time is spent using the technology to learn
Technology is used to complete lower-order thinking tasks Technology is used to encourage higher-order thinking skills
Technology is used solely by individuals working alone Technology is used to facilitate collaboration in and out of the classroom
Technology is used to facilitate activities that are feasible or easier without technology Technology is used to facilitate activities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible
Technology is used to deliver information Technology is used to construct and build knowledge
Technology is peripheral to the learning activity Technology is essential to the learning activity
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Week 5- Unit plan ideas

Finding ideas for my unit

I have started the quest of finding some ideas for my unit. I have begun to think about ideas I would like to use for the learning experiences and where to find these.

My mind map of some of the resources I have found and ideas for learning experiences I have found from these sources:



List of some of the sites I have found:

Making a model of a place like mine

Mental maps

No place like home

Listen to the neighbourhood

Basic needs and human rights

  • Blog by Kirstie listing websites and resources

Model me going places 2 app

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Week 5- Redbubble

In this week’s learning path I came across the site redbubble. This site can enable anyone to create and sell their own designs. Your digital designs can be placed on T-shirts, stickers, iPhone and iPod cases, prints and more. This is a great resource that enables you to create and share with others. I can see redbubble being a great tool to use in teaching. This tool can enable students to be creative by coming up with their own designs. Fellow blogger Michelle had the idea that during a project such as making a smoothie company year 5 students could make logos and use redbubble to sell the merchandise.

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